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Partner Stories

I am a Pochampalli Weaver, ever since I joined Yespoho, my sales have increased and I am happy to be associated with Yespoho.

Siddheweshwar, Pochampali Sarees

I am Savitri and my family is a traditional weaving family. My husband and I weave Pochampali Silk Cotton saree. We make about 10 sarees a week. It is lot of hard work.Yespoho Team visited our village and we joined Yespoho. This is our first online sale and we put our products and they help sell.

We are traditional weavers – my parents and grand parents all have been weaving for generations. We weave Pochampalli Silk cotton sarees. I make about 10 sarees a week and give it to master weaver who sells it for us.

I joined Yespoho online so I can sell it myself. Selling online is easy with Yespoho

Shri Gopal Chippa, Cotton Saree weaver, Rajastan

Yespoho helped me setup shop for manufacturing Jute bags. We make about 200 bags a week and sell it on Yespoho and also outside. We are happy to be Yespoho as we can make a living.

Uma Devi, Manufacturer of Jute Bags

I am a Paithani Weaver and I recently joined Yespoho. The service from Yespoho is very good and looking to make more sales from Yespoho

I am Mani Kumar, I am pen kalamkari weaver. We have lot of people working on the saree. We make hand painting kalamkari on Tussar silk and Cotton sarees. It takes lot of hardwork to make a saree – paiting, drying and repainting.I recently joined Yespoho to show my sarees to the world.